Julie Radloff, Berri
Working with Arunika, both one and one and in her workshops, I have experienced amazing results in removing emotional blocks that have been holding me back. Now moving forward with enthusiasm and joy!


J. TS Business Owner Adelaide
In my sessions with Arunika via Skype I have found her to be an amazingly talented, experienced and wise practitioner with a delightful sense of humour which greatly assists the outcomes and process. She has an innate ability to hone in on the core issue, while employing some very advanced techniques. I have felt that our sessions have been highly effective, providing me with some amazing insights and tangible improvement in my life as well as feeling lighter and clearer. I would highly recommend Arunika to anyone seeking to improve their situation and feel amazing! Bless you Arunika for all that you are and all that you do.


Greg, Riverland

I went to Arunika Hamden with regards to not sleeping well and having unresolved issues throughout my 44 years. I chose Arunika as I found her to be accepting, friendly and experienced. Arunika educated myself with providing simple and effective tools that have made deep lasting changes in my life already. After each session I would leave feeling calm, capable and have a very clear mind space. I would recommend Arunika to anyone that feels they need help from any issues they feel they might have in their life. I am at peace… Thank you Arunika!


Renuka, Melbourne

In March I had elective surgery to remove my gall bladder and then a kinesiology healing. The following day I felt weak with a sharp pain just below the end of my breast bone. Contemplating, I realised it was a nugget of resentment and bitterness. I desperately wanted to get rid of it but had no idea how to. I remembered that Arunika had said to me, “If you ever need to get rid of something, call me. I have a great technique.” And so I sent her a text. She was free, gave me some questions to ponder, and in 40 minutes we were having a session. The session was on Skype and lasted 2 hours. At the end of it, there was no hardness, no bitterness, no resentment. It had completely gone! Not only that, I had learned a new technique to use myself – Faster EFT. It is extremely useful, easy to learn and to apply from moment to moment to keep myself free from mental states and feelings that are no longer appropriate in my life. Whether, like me, you have done years of work on yourself, or whether you are just starting this worthwhile journey, I thoroughly recommend you spend time with Arunika.


Bev, Riverland

The death of my husband continued to affect my life for over 40 years as I never had any counselling at the time. The attitude at the time was “get on with your life” After working with Arunika with counselling and Faster EFT, I can now live my life for the present and look forward to the future – instead of thinking of the past. I am so much happier. Thank you Arunika.

Testimonials from Participants of Stress Management Workshop


T.B. Riverland, SA

One woman shared, I have found this method to be such a simple and yet powerful tool. It helped me to completely transform a difficult relationship from resentment to one of acceptance.


Jose. Berri, SA

Since attending a Stress Management Workshop and having one on one sessions with Arunika I am coping better with life and I am more able to release the hold the past had over me. My anxiety levels have dropped considerably and I am no longer dwelling on the past.


Leonie. Glossop, SA

After attending a workshop I found that I released a lot of anger and guilt, and my stress levels have decreased. I now have the tools to release old negative patterns. It was like a light bulb moment and I feel much lighter and freer. The added and unexpected bonus is I shed 12 kilos in two months.