Stress Management Skills for the Workplace – for Peak Performance and Effectiveness

The Oxford Dictionary defines stress as “mental pressure or worry caused by the problem’s in someone’s life”.  Stress is a fact of life –  but too much stress can impact our ability to function effectively and can be detrimental to our physical and mental well-being. Chronic stress can lead to poor productivity, low morale, lack of satisfaction and absenteeism.

The aim of these workshops is to help participants identify situations that trigger stress both at work and in their personal life and develop the skills and resources to handle day to day pressures and challenges with greater ease and effectiveness.


A report written by ABC Nationals, Di Martin titled “Crippling workload: mental illness in the Australian workplacefrom February 2015 highlights the impact that mental illness is having on Australian workers:

“Mental illness is now the main reason Australian workers take extended sick leave or become incapacitated. The costs are estimated to be close to $10 billion a year and growing, and reforms are being held back by stigma and prejudice.”



In these workshops participants will:

  • Learn how stress works and how it affects the mind and body
  • Develop self-awareness – how and what triggers the stress response
  • Learn how to break the cycle of responding to stress in nonproductive ways
  • Learn simple and effective stress management techniques to release stress
  • Gain control in responding to others especially in challenging situations
  • Utilise mindfulness, breathing, relaxation techniques and meditation
  • Develop a personal action plan for self-care



High-Level Outline – Core components will be refined and customised according to your particular organisational needs.


Option 1 (1 x 2.5 hours)

The workshop is a combination of lecture and hands on experience of stress management and mindfulness techniques.


Option 2 (2 x 2.5 hours)

This workshop is a combination of lecture and hands on experience of stress management and mindfulness techniques. Participants practice and apply the techniques they have learned between sessions and develop a self-care plan. Workbook supplied


Option 3 (4 x 2.5 hours)

Recommended for Executive Management and Senior staff.

This workshop is a combination of lecture and comprehensive hands on experience of stress management and mindfulness techniques.

Sessions delivered 2 – 4 weeks apart to allow participants to embed and apply the skills and techniques.

Participants practice and apply skills to deal with issues of concern in both personal and work life. Develop a self- care plan.  Workbooks supplied.

Included in this option – Participants will receive an individual 1.5-hour coaching session with Arunika.

Cost for workshops available on request



Tailored To Suit Organisational Needs

  • Introduction and Intention
  • The impact of stress on mental and physical health
  • The mind and its habitual responses to external challenges
  • Learning to choose a different response
  • Effective self-calming techniques – hands on practice
  • Self-awareness – how do you know?
  • When change becomes a challenge – releasing resistance
  • Accepting ourselves and accepting others
  • From surviving to thriving
  • Strategies for work-life balance and self-care
  • Mindfulness techniques, breathing relaxation and meditation



“Arunika Hamden is a very skilled counsellor, coach and facilitator, and speaker in the field of stress management. Arunika’s style is also warm, authentic and engaging.

Several clients I have sent to her for stress management and counselling have talked about how it has helped them to break through limiting behaviors’ and mindsets”
Emma Laing

Managing Director



“At the time, I was struggling to cope with stress and emotions that had built up over many years.Through one on one sessions with Arunika, I now have the knowledge and tools to cope with challenges life throws at me. I’m happier calmer and looking forward to what the future holds. It was lovely to have someone who is so compassionate, caring and determined to help me become a better version of myself.

Bec Stevens


“Working with Arunika in person and in her workshops, I have experienced amazing results in removing emotional blocks that have been holding me back. Now moving forward with enthusiasm and joy”.

Julie Radloff


“I have found this method to be such a simple and yet powerful tool. It helped me to completely transform a difficult relationship from one of resentment to acceptance”. 



“Our work environment can be quite intense and requires people to work together collaboratively. This can be difficult for some, who have day to day stresses in their personal lives, which affects their ability to focus on their work.

Arunika was able to assist our staff to focus on their own abilities in a very positive manner and provided them with the mental tools they need to avoid stress and anxiety in our workplace.

The staff were so appreciative of the opportunity to have a professional counsellor speak to them in a calm and soothing manner.

We found that as a result of the workshop the disposition of two female staff members, 49 and 59 years of age, improved vastly and one 19year old man showed an improvement in his attitude towards his supervisor, which was of great benefit to the morale of the group.

I would thoroughly recommend Arunika Hamden’s Counselling service to any business. Her warmth and considerate approach, and ability to reach out to people, promote a happy healthy workplace”

Anne Andary

Sales Manager and Technical Director

Days Eggs PTY LTD