Is STRESS costing you your Health, Success, Happiness, and Peace of Mind

  • We know that stress is a natural part of our daily lives,  but too much stress can deplete of our joy and enthusiasm and reduces our ability to perform at our best.
  • Chronic stress can erode our health and well-being, affect our relationships, and work performance
  • It’s been estimated that 60 -80 % of all visits to the GP is because of stress related conditions. These include, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, poor concentration, weight issues, addictions, digestive disorders, heart conditions, high blood pressure, headaches, muscle tension, physical pain, emotional pain, headaches, chronic infections, the list goes on!
  • Did you know that negative and self – defeating thoughts can trigger overwhelming emotions which negatively affect the mind and body?   The body reacts to either “fight, flight” or we “freeze”
  • Notice what happens to your body when you are stressed, anxious, fearful or angry how do you feel?  how do you react?  do you want to fight or escape, or do you shut down?
  • Some of the ways we may try to cope or to escape the pain are by overworking, smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, numbing out in front of the TV, eating “comfort” food etc. which only leads to more health problems.

Here at Emotional Fitness Coaching, our aim is to help you alleviate stress and to enhance your  skills to effectively  manage the pressures of  work and home life with greater ease and confidence 

Imagine living your life with greater ease, joy, confidence & purpose

Love Your Life!

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